Tetra Cube Aquarium Review

In this post, I’m going to review Tetra Cube Aquarium. Tetra, of course

Tetra Globe Aquarium Review

In this post, I’m going to review Tetra Globe Aquarium. Tetra, of course

Do Fish Eat Banana?

Banana! Kids love bananas. Adults love bananas. Herbivores like cow, horse etc. love

Do Fish Eat Cookies?

Cookies! Who does not like cookies? Probably you’ve been wondering the same for

These Java Ferns Provide Natural Environment in your Fish Aquarium

Java Fern or Microsorum pteropus, has long been popular among aquarium enthusiasts. It is attaractive and is easy to obtain and grow. In recent years, several new varieties have appeared

Do Fish Eat Bread?

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Major Types of Fish Food

A wide range of fish food is available from pet shops and aquarium shops. In addition, there is fish food available in fish free ponds, ditches, surrounding pastures and near

Advantages & Disadvantages of using Gravel in Fish Tank

Most people assume that the gravel used in fish tank is just to make their fish aquarium attractive. It is not entirely true. While gravel is not an absolute requirement,