Do Fish Eat Banana?

Banana! Kids love bananas. Adults love bananas. Herbivores like cow, horse etc. love banana.

Do fish like bananas? Do fish eat bananas? Is it okay to feed your fish banana?

Let’s think this logically first — banana is a natural but land based food, which is not found in water. Fishes live their entire life in water, so it is not something they eat naturally. So, bananas are something, which a fish might not eat in the wild.

But for fishes in a fish tank will eat whatever you feed them. Bananas are one of those things you can feed to aquarium fishes because they are rich in potassium, which will not hurt them. Not all the fishes will take a liking to eating bananas, but it is worth a try.

When you feed banana to fish, do try the ripened, pulpy banana instead of green banana because they’re too hard for the fish to eat. Downside is that banana decomposes comparatively faster than other food, which can foul your water and may require frequent cleaning of the fish tank.

Irrespective of whether you feed banana to fish or not, you should always provide high quality fish food to them on a regular basis.

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