Major Types of Fish Food

A wide range of fish food is available from pet shops and aquarium shops. In addition, there is fish food available in fish free ponds, ditches, surrounding pastures and near the surface of water of rainbarrels and small puddles.

There are many different types of freshwater fish feed readily available today. As you’ll ready below about major types of fish food – you’ll also learn the importance of food variety to be given to your fish. A wide variety of quality food within the species’ feeding parameter is beneficial for the long term health of the fish.

Major Types of Fish Food

Live Fish Food

Live food is closest to the natural fish diet and a great source of fish food. Since live food is not readily available to fish in an enclosed man-made environment, it can be beneficial to actively incorporate live food as part of their diet as it simulates the feeding habit of fish in their natural habitat.A distinct disadvantage of live food is that disease pathogens can get introduced in your fish tank. Live organisms that are suitable for fish include earthworms, water fleas, different types of worms, tubifex, glassworm, daphnia among many others. It is generally recommended to incorporate live fish food at least twice a week in the fish tank.

Frozen Fish Food

Frozen fish food is live fish food, which has been frozen. It is of high nutritional value and due to the process of it been frozen – most of the pathogens get killed. These can contain a variety of ingredients such as bloodworms, Daphnia, or brine shrimp.

 Dried Food

Dried food is baked to remove moisture and vacuum packed to ensure a longer shelf life. It is usually commercially produced and very easy to find irrespective of whichever city or country you’re in. Though it is often enhanced with vitamins and trace elements, quality usually deteriorates rapidly once the food packet is open. Overall it has lesser nutritional value than live or frozen food but has long shelf life. Buying smaller packs can offset this disadvantage.

Fresh Food

Fresh foods includes fresh vegetables and/or fresh meat. Vegetable matter is an important source of carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins thought low in protein and fat. Vegetables that are commonly fed to a variety of aquarium fish includes romaine lettuce, spinach, cabbage, kale, watercress, zucchini, green peas, broccoli, cauliflower, beet tops, and strawberries.

Meat is a food source of protein and depending on the type of meat being fed, it is advisable to cook the meat prior to feeding fish in order to prevent introducing infectious disease to your fish. Meat containing high amounts of fat should be avoided. Meats that are commonly fed to a variety of aquarium fish includes beef liver, beef heart, pork spleen, chicken, shrimp, anchovy, clam, mussel etc.

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