Tetra Globe Aquarium Review

In this post, I’m going to review Tetra Globe Aquarium.

Tetra, of course a huge name when it comes to aquariums, fish food etc. They’ve produced great products to enhance the overall experience of keeping fish as pets.

Tetra Globe Fish Tank comes in one size only, which is a 1.8 gallon desktop aquarium. It does not need a great deal of setup and can just nicely in the corner of your table or any other place. What makes it unique is the waterfall option.

Other features powered by electricity include on/off button for low voltage LED lights, power filter and also, cartridge based filtration. It is actually this filtration system, which doubles as a waterfall feature in the tank. Great thinking guys!

Ideal fish for this globe waterfall fish tank include Goldfish, Betta, Guppy and Neon Tetra.

Overall, Tetra Globe Aquarium takes a unique twist on classic “fish bowl” shape and provides a great option to add personality to your home. Let you creations go wild with colored gravel and plant combinations.

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